Bridal Lingerie Guide

Buying Bridal Underwear


You’ve said yes to the dress. Time for your next decision - the lingerie you’ll wear underneath it. It may seem like such a little detail, but the right bridal underwear can make a big difference in how confident you feel as you strut down the aisle. As integral a part of your outfit as your shoes or your veil, choosing your big day smalls isn’t something you should leave until the last minute.

But if you thought the right wedding underwear was just about avoiding those vicar-scandalising visible panty lines, you’d be mistaken. There’s every chance that the supportive shapewear that makes you look perky and in proportion as you say ‘I do’ won’t make very sexy wedding night lingerie. So should you buy two sets - a sensible one for the day and something more sultry for the evening? And will you go for white or nude? Stockings or tights? Garter or garter-less? 

If sorting the seating plan is suddenly starting to look easy, we can help. From looking great in your gown to wowing your partner on your wedding night, our expert guide is here to lift the veil on bridal lingerie shopping. 

So sit back and relax, because what we don’t know about making brides feel supported and confident as they say their vows would fit on the back of a very small sugared almond...


When to buy your bridal lingerie

Got your eye on a sexy bridal basque but haven’t found your dream dress yet? Slow down, bride-to-be! Don’t fork out on underwear if you haven’t found ‘the one’ yet because it’s the gown that dictates the lingerie you need to buy and not the other way round. 

Your quest for the perfect lingerie really begins the minute you find your gown, so be prepared. Go dress-shopping armed with a selection of different bras from home, from your most supportive old favourites to plunge and strapless options. The same goes with knickers - take everything from thongs to your finest Bridget Jones-style tummy-control upholstery. They’ll all help you figure out what lingerie will work best with the dress.

The final deadline for sorting your lingerie? It should really be your first dress fitting. In fact, some bridal shops won’t even agree to fit you unless you bring the shoes and underwear you’ll wear on the day. At the fitting, make sure you can move around in your chosen dress/lingerie combo, so walk, sit, stand and dance - it’s the only way to find out what works and what needs adjusting. 


What happens if I slim down before the big day?

If you’re planning on shedding for the wedding, you’ll need to think ahead or you run the risk of your wedding lingerie being too loose in the cup or not tight enough in the back. Some underwear and dress styles are more forgiving than others. Bridal corsets can be pulled in tighter without affecting their shape, for example.

But that two-week juice cleanse could cause you a real problem if you’re wearing a strapless gown. Lose inches around the bust and you run the risk of both the gown and the underwear slipping down on the day. And trust us. Having to hoik everything back up every five minutes won’t look great on your wedding videos.

You could get around this by buying two sets of the same style of lingerie - one in the size you are now, and one that’s the next size down, both in the cup and in the back. Or go for something that can be easily adjusted, such as a bra that fits when done up on the last clasp. That way you can keep tightening as the pounds melt away - just don’t gain any!

It’s also worth remembering though that any seamstress worth their salt will be able to alter the bra as well as the dress - either by bringing the back of it in or by putting a dart in the cups.


Sexy vs sensible

Of course, you may get lucky and find that the lingerie that enhances the look of your dress also happens to be the sort that will float the boat of your betrothed. But don’t sweat it if your underpinnings turn out to be more sensible than sensual.

It’s much less stressful if your wedding underwear only has to do one job - to make you look gorgeous in the dress. You can always buy a seperate set of saucy lingerie to change into for the wedding night. 

Remember, comfort is key here. You’ll be wearing your bridal lingerie all day and if it’s digging in or you can’t move properly, the discomfort will show on your face and in your wedding photos!


The right lingerie for your wedding dress

Matching the lingerie to your dress gives a polished look and you won’t have to worry about visible bra straps or knicker lines. But what goes best with what? 

Backless dresses

Daring and on-trend, backless dresses work well for summer weddings, and some even come with a built-in bra. But what if yours isn’t designed that way - or you need a little extra support on top? 

Clearly, backless designs won’t work with traditional bras. Look for a multiway that allows you to criss-cross it low on the back. You can even buy low-back convertors to work with your own bra - these clever straps turn any closure into a low-cut V back. 

If you’re not particularly busty (or you’re feeling particularly brave) you could get away with no bra at all. For extra security use fashion tape to hold the dress (or any breast enhancing silicone pads or nipple covers) in place. Or go for a strapless or halterneck stick-on bra - you won’t get much support but it may help give you some shape. Just watch out that the backless design doesn’t expose the adhesive.

It may be a little fiddly to find something that works, but persevere - the right backless solution is out there. And, if all else fails, you could always ask your seamstress to sew cups straight into the dress.

Strapless dresses

Got beautiful shoulders? Show them off in a strapless style, designed so it fits snugly under the arms and across the bust. Getting the dress fitted properly will make sure you’re not having to pull it up all day - as will finding the perfect strapless bra to go underneath. 

Whatever your shape or size, there’s a strapless bra out there that will work for you. Larger busts can be lifted thanks to strapless styles with built-in underwire, while moulded cups ensure a smooth silhouette. Look for firmer fits or even long-line bustier type strapless bras to see if that offers you more lift and support. Remember, getting the right lingerie means that all the supportive work is done by the bra and not by the dress, so there shouldn’t be any overspill!

Need a bit of a boost up top? Strapless bras also come in padded and push-up styles.

Figure hugging

Got a slinky, form-fitting dress? Two words, ladies - bridal shapewear. OK, so it may not sound like the height of sexiness, but bridal shapewear really comes into its own if you need to create a smooth silhouette under that little white satin number.

If the dress is totally unforgiving, all-in-one options like bodies or slips ensure you’ll look good from every angle. Or try tummy-control high-waist briefs matched with a long line bra. 

Full skirt

Wearing a full skirt means you can go to town with your wedding lingerie. Stockings with suspenders, gorgeous lace knickers with ribbons - a world of embellished bridal underwear awaits!

Wearing a full skirt also means you’ll be able to wear a garter if you wish. Traditionally this is worn on the right leg, but these days there are no rules, so wear it on whichever side is comfortable, or wear two! It’s up to you whether you want your husband to remove it and toss it to the crowd though!


Does my wedding lingerie need to be white?

Of course not. While white and ivory are traditional, such bright lingerie could actually end up being quite visible, depending on your dress. If in doubt, go for something that blends in with your own skin tone, such as nude, beige or cream shades.

If your dress is thick or layered, you could be more adventurous with your colour. Pastel shades like pale pinks or baby blues can look romantic, or why not try lingerie that matches your overall wedding colour scheme or the bridesmaids’ dresses?


Stockings or tights?

Of course, if you’re wearing a traditional floor-length gown, no one will see them (except you and the groom). But it’s your wedding day, and those lovely legs of yours deserve only the very best.

Tights are the easy choice. They’re comfortable enough to wear all day and will keep you warm for a wintery wedding. After something really special? Go for patterned! There are so many different styles available, from delicate floral prints to tights that look like stockings. 

But if your dress allows you to wear stockings, why not give it a go? Hold-ups will make it easier for you to go to the loo during the day, but make sure you practice with them first to ensure they do actually stay in place. Wearing suspenders means the stockings will definitely stay put, but check the belt doesn’t ruin the line of the dress. If you go for this option, wearing knickers over the belt rather than underneath it can make those comfort breaks a whole lot easier.

Whatever option you go for, make sure you bring spares in case you get a ladder.


Choosing wedding night lingerie

The bouquet’s been tossed, the guests have gone home and the confetti’s long been swept away. Time for you and your partner to have some much-needed alone time. But what to wear? Well, you’ve celebrated your marriage all day long - why not make this the time you celebrate your sensual side?

A once-in-a-lifetime wedding calls for once-in-a-lifetime wedding night lingerie and, while you may have been limited by practicality during the day, the night time’s most definitely the right time to indulge all those bridal fantasies. Believe us, if you want a night to remember it’ll be worth the investment.

From the demure to the daring, you’ll want something to show off your best features. Bridal basques, chemises and underwear sets are all popular choices when it comes to wedding night lingerie. 

Basques and bodies

It’s been a long time since you angelically said ‘I do’. Time to release your devilish side! Deliciously vampish, bridal basques and bodies never seem to go out of fashion because of the incredible way they look and feel - they’re designed to enhance your body, boost your bust and make you feel confident and sexy. Turn up the heat even more by adding a matching suspender belt or hold-up stockings.


Chemises look a bit like a mini dress. They’re designed to flow over your body, flattering curves where you have them, creating the illusion of curves where you don’t. Chemises that fit snugly at the bust then flow out loosely over the rest of your body are great for maximising your feminine charms, while minimising any worries about your waist. And the other great thing? You can sleep in them, so that’s your first night nightwear sorted.

Lingerie sets

Sweet, sultry or sassy. You name the mood and there’s a lingerie set that’ll help you create it. If your dress was too fitted to allow any embellishment in your bridal underwear, now’s the time to really go to town. Nothing says ‘new bride’ like a bit of pretty white lace but satin is also a traditional choice.


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