So what is a bralette, and how do I wear one?

“I’m pretty! I’m practical! I’m comfortable! I go with absolutely everything you own!” Do you hear that? It’s a bralette. And it’s calling to you, demanding its rightful place in your lingerie drawer.

Bralettes have taken the fashion world by storm but, if you’re more of a die-hard doubter (how?) than a committed bralette-eer, we’re here to change your mind.

If you had to invent your dream bra, a bralette is what you’d come up with. A bra that looks great under, over or even instead of clothes? Check. A bra that lets you wear fashion’s trickiest necklines with nonchalant ease? Check. A bra that can elevate lazy Sundays in your PJs to something incredibly sexy? Check. In styles, fabrics and colours to suit every conceivable occasion, once you’ve tried a bralette top, you may never want to wear a normal bra again.

From the Kardashians to Little Mix, anyone who’s anyone has got in on the trend, from lace bralettes worn under sheer dresses on the red carpet to caged bralettes with a denim skirt at the beach.

But that’s all well and good for celebrities. If the thought of wearing something so revealing yourself makes you want to run for the hills, we hear you. After all, aren’t bras supposed to be about lifting, supporting and giving you some shape? There’s no getting away from the fact that even a strappy bralette can look a little on the flimsy side.

But that’s where you’d be wrong. Pour Moi’s bralettes come with extra supportive features that will help you embrace the trend with pride, no matter your size or shape. So read on, because the battle to hide your bra straps is finally over. You just need a bit of advice - and a supportive bralette from Pour Moi.

What is a bralette?

A bralette is a bra that looks a bit like a lacy crop-top. But unlike normal lingerie, you can also wear a bralette as outerwear. And, whether the trend reminds you of those teenage ‘first’ bras, sports bras, or even something Madonna might have worn in her heyday, you’d be right.

“A bralette means different things to everyone,” says Pour Moi founder Michael Thomson. “Traditionally it was a non-wired dress-sized crop-top, which then became the sporty, stretchy halter tops that were so big in the 90s.”

Nowadays, thanks to the huge underwear as outerwear trend, a bralette is worn to be seen. The acceptable way to flash a little bit of lingerie, this time around the look is all about delicate lace, seductive satin or pretty prints in a whole rainbow of colours.

What makes a Pour Moi bralette different?

Lacy and lightweight, today’s bralette is all about embracing a more natural female silhouette. Relaxed and unrestrained, if you’re a perky B cup chances are you’ll love its comfortable, easy-to-wear shape. But the unlined, unsupported look and feel isn’t for everyone - particularly if you need a bit more lift or shaping up top.

So what can you do to nail the trend, without having to resort to wearing your own underwired bras underneath? “Bralettes tend to be soft,” says Michael. “But many of Pour Moi’s come with underwires or other supportive features without sacrificing that fashionable lightweight look.”

Pour Moi’s bralette problem solver

We firmly believe there’s a bralette out there to suit everyone, and we’ll prove it to you! Here’s a list of common bralette bothers - and the best way to solve them.

“Bralettes give me mono-boob!”

You need… an underwired bralette with plunge features

If you’ve tried wearing lace bralette tops in the past and ended up with that squished together, undefined look, you need something to keep your breasts apart. Our Amour Accent front fastening underwired bralette is just the ticket. This black and pink bralette has a built-in underwire that will keep your bust firmly but comfortably in place, but that’s not all. The deep plunge adds even more definition while the scalloped neck edge help make the most of that fabulous cleavage.

“Bralettes make my small boobs look smaller!”

You need… a triangle bralette top

If you’re smaller in the bust, you may worry that a barely-there, non padded bralette won’t give you the extra oomph you need up top. In fact, triangle styles with more narrow underbands like our Suspense bralette will work fantastically well on you. Perfect if you’re an A to a C cup, the elongated triangle shape with the nude-lined mesh gives a deep plunge neckline that really makes the most of your assets. But because it’s a halter neck bralette, it’ll also scoop everything up and put it right into the centre, just where you need it.

“Bralettes don’t give me the support I need!”

You need… a longline bralette

While not a bralette per se, you don’t have to squint too much to mistake a longline bra for its outerwear doppelganger. And the great thing about longlines is that they can help you achieve the look of a bralette, but they come with loads more supportive features. There are two straps rather than one halter neck strap, deeper backbands and yet more support comes from the underbust. Take our Eclipse longline. Perfect if you wanted a pretty white lace bralette, it’ll give you a fantastic shape by pulling you in and framing your body. And thanks to the mesh diagonal insert in the middle of the bra, you get a daring plunge look without losing any of the bralette-style extra coverage.

“I can’t find a pretty bralette that fits my curves!”

You need... a plus size lace bralette with a hook and eye fastening

Who says plus size bralettes can’t pretty? Our Flora underwired black lace bralette goes up to a G cup and a 40 in the back and is one of the most feminine bralettes on the market. It’s great if you’re looking for that traditional black lace bralette look, yet the underwire will cup and hold your breasts in the desired position, giving you a defined silhouette from bust to waist. And having a hook and eye fastening gives you even more options, letting you adjust the size as and when you need to.

Are you feeling the call of the bralette now? We don’t blame you! Luckily, there are more fabulous bralette styles, ready and waiting for you at Pour Moi.

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