The most comfortable bra you'll ever own…

Wear yours with everything you own? Want to put it straight back on the moment it’s been through the wash? Same. T-shirt bras have to be one of the most versatile items in our lingerie drawers. It’s no wonder we wear them until they’re falling apart and a weird shade of grey.

Although it’s always hard to part with an old favourite, a Pour Moi T-shirt bra is a great idea if you’re due a shapewear upgrade. We’ve obsessed over the way our everyday bras fit to make sure they give you a smooth, rounded shape with no nipple show-through.

We know you’ll love them, but you don’t just have to take our word for how good they are. Pour Moi T-shirt bras consistently get superb reviews for their fit, support and comfort.

In fact, T-shirt bras are one of the most popular items we sell here at Pour Moi. But when it comes to bagging yourself some soft support perfection, where do you start? Let’s take a closer look…

Although it seems hard to believe it now, back in the 1990s it was virtually impossible to find a bra to fit the tiny T-shirts we wore with our baggy cargo pants. T-shirts seemed to get smaller and tighter as the decade progressed and luckily the early 2000s brought the solution we’d all been waiting for. The moulded, contoured T-shirt bra was born - and women everywhere breathed a sigh of relief.

Soon, T-shirt bras were everywhere - and it’s easy to see why they were so popular. Most bras had seams to give the cups their shape, but T-shirt bras were both seamless and smooth, with no lace panels or fiddly embroidery that would show through clothes. This made them virtually invisible, no matter how sheer, clingy or tight-fitting your outfit.

What are the benefits of a T-shirt bra?

Most T-shirt bras feature soft moulded cups that can either contain light padding, lots of padding, or no padding at all. But even without padding, the foam contoured cups still give boobs a more rounded shape with a smooth finish that is so soft and comfortable to wear.

The thin layer of moulded foam also does a good job of hiding nipples, plus T-shirt bras are great for evening things up if your breasts are asymmetrical.

Choosing a push-up bra will give you a T-shirt bra that has most of its padding underneath. This kind of look is excellent for petite women looking for a little more oomph up top.

How many T-shirt bras should you own?

According to Pour Moi founder Michael Thomson, you should ideally have at least two T-shirt bras in your collection. “Just stick to basic colours, such as nude, grey, ivory, white or black,” he says. “But remember that a white bra isn’t the best choice for a white T-shirt as it shows even more than red! For white tops, choose something in a shade that matches your own skin tone.”

What’s the most important factor to look for in a T-shirt bra?

“Comfort and support are important,” says Michael. “But the real reason you want a T-shirt bra is to smooth out your look, so check you can wear them seamlessly under all your tightest outfits. A good T-shirt bra will be invisible under even the thinnest layers.”

Are T-shirt bras always padded?

“Let’s put a stop to this myth once and for all,” laughs Michael. “Moulded does not have to mean padded! Moulded just means that the bra is seam-free. In fact, a moulded bra can be padded (such as our Eden version) or non-padded (like the Definitions).

“But even if you have large breasts, you shouldn’t be afraid that padding will make you look huge. If you’re in the correct bra size, light padding won’t add any extra volume. Instead you’ll get a more lifted shape that will banish nipple show-through completely.”

And if the reviews of our padded Eden T-shirt bra are anything to go by, Michael’s right. So many of our customers were surprised to find that padding can be really flattering on a larger bust.

“I bought the 30E and it was spectacular! Great fit around the waist, excellent hold of the breast, creates a nice rounded effect and it's lightly padded,” said one reviewer. While another told us, “The padding and uplift on this is fantastic. It puts my boobs back up where they should be.”

Can a T-shirt bra ever look pretty?

“The whole point of a T-shirt bra is that there’s not embroidery or lace to spoil the clean lines, but that doesn’t mean this kind of bra can’t look feminine,” says Michael.

“Our Electra bra is invisible under T-shirts, but still has soft, flirty lace on the cradle. You can also buy matching Electra briefs in different styles, so if you buy more than one you’ll always look like you’re wearing a pretty lingerie set.”

Finally, how should a T-shirt bra fit?

“Put your T-shirt bra on under a tight, white T-shirt,” says Michael. “If you can’t see it, you’ve got a great fit. However, if there’s any gaping or bulging at the cup, you’ve got the wrong size.

“The most important element is the underband. This should feel firm, but not so tight that you can’t fit two fingers around the band all the way round. Remember that around 80% of the bra’s support comes from the back band, and if it’s too loose, the straps will have to do too much work and could end up digging in to compensate.”

  • Ready for a T-shirt bra upgrade? We don’t blame you! Luckily, there are lots of different styles, ready and waiting for you at Pour Moi.
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