Signs you need a new bra ASAP!

Hands up if you’re the kind of person who wears their favourite bra until it goes a funny shape and turns a weird shade of grey. Can’t put your hand up without underwire stabbing your armpit? You need our help.

We promise not to judge because we’ve all been guilty of keeping a bra past its best before. After all, if a bra shapes, supports and makes you look fantastic in a variety of outfits, it’s tempting to wear it for much longer than you should. But our guide is here to wrestle it out of your hands (and your lingerie drawer) once and for all.

As much as we love our favourites, there comes a time when we need to send them on to pastures new - aka the bin. But look on the bright side! With so many exciting new lingerie styles to try, from bandeaus to bralettes, your new dream bra is waiting for you right here at Pour Moi. Forget sad endings. This is an exciting new beginning, filled with sexy, flattering and supportive pieces.

Still can’t bear to be parted from the bra you’re wearing on the regular? Read the following signs to see if you’re long overdue a lingerie upgrade...

It’s over a year old

Cast your mind back through the mists of time... when did you actually buy that T-shirt bra you never take off? If it’s more years than you care to remember, it’s time to give it the old heave-ho. In an ideal world, you’d replace your bra every year, and as soon as every six months (or 180 uses) if you wear it on heavy rotation.

Going forward, having three to five bras to rotate throughout the week will stop each one from wearing out too quickly. So why not swap your old one for three pretty T-shirt bras with soft, flirty lace on the cradle, like the Electra?

The straps slip down

Bra not as supportive as it used to be? Those stretched-out straps could be to blame. Shoulder straps play a vital role in supporting the weight of your breasts, but the elastic doesn’t last forever. Over time, both washing and wearing can stretch the fabric beyond all recognition. And, if you dry a wet bra by hanging it up by its straps, you’ll speed up the stretching process even further.

Bras that feature fully adjustable straps will help, but once the elastic has gone even they won’t offer sufficient support.

If strap slippage happens no matter what bra you’re wearing, it might be because you’re petite or have sloping shoulders. A racer back or cross-back bra will instantly solve the problem of slipping straps, so look for a multiway or convertible style that gives you this option. Or turn your favourite bra into a racerback with some of Pour Moi’s handy racer-back clips!

The underband rides up

If your once-horizontal underband has started to creep up your back even when it’s on the tightest hook, it’s days are numbered. Underbands hold 80 per cent of the weight of your breasts and, when they fit you properly, they help hold everything in place. But if your band gets too loose over time, the weight of your breasts will make the back ride up.

A stretched out underband is more than just uncomfortable - it also means your bra won’t give you that perky lift you’re looking for. It’s such a common problem that expert bra fitters suggest wearing new bras on the loosest possible hook. This allows for some stretching over time, improving the overall life span of the bra.

Not sure if your underband is too loose? If you can easily fit more than one finger underneath your band, it’s time to toss.

The cups gape at the top

We hate to break it to you, but if your much-loved bra has started to gape at the cups, it’s time to say goodbye. A bra cup should hold all of your breast tissue and sit smoothly on your body, because gaps will ruin the line of your clothing.

The most likely culprits? It could just be that the bra is old and the cups have stretched over time. Or it might be because you’ve lost some volume in your breasts, perhaps through weight loss or breast-feeding, and you’re now wearing the wrong cup size. If that sounds like you, why not try our virtual fit service? Our team of specialists can help you find the bra that fits you perfectly.

If gaping at the top of the cups is a common problem for you, it could be down to your breast shape. If your breasts are tear-drop or bell-shaped, for example, they’ll naturally have less volume at the top and more weight at the bottom. A balconette, demi or push-up will help give you more lift and support, or try a plunge style because the angled cups will give a much smoother fit.

The underwire won’t lie flat

It’s not just our bras that change over time. Fluctuating hormones, pregnancy and weight gain can all increase the size of our busts. So if you’ve noticed that your once-smooth underwire has now started to pull away from your body at the front, it means there isn’t enough room and your breasts are now lifting the wires up, up and away.

Underwire that no longer sits flat means you’ve probably gone up a cup size and need to be refitted. Check out our fitting room guide for more advice.

The underwire is coming out

Still wearing that bra with underwire poking out? We need to stage an intervention, babe, because you deserve so much better. Once the underwire has started to poke through the material, it’s only a matter of time until it starts to poke into you.

If pokey underwire keeps happening to all your prettiest pieces, look at how you care for them because hand-washing really preserves the life of your wires. Sound like too much hassle? If you have to machine wash, make sure you’re using the most delicate cycle available, at the lowest possible temperature and preferably with no spin.

Read our guide on how to care for your lingerie.

The fabric’s just not the same

If your bra just doesn’t look as pretty as it did before, it’s time to let it go. Over time, the elastic can deteriorate causing tiny black threads to pop through the fabric. And then there’s the colour. Black bras can fade, while light-coloured ones can go a bit dingy and dirty looking if you’ve tossed them in on a dark wash by accident..

Your lingerie should make you feel good whenever you put it on, so why not invest in something new, like these just-dropped pieces? Then read our blog ‘How to look after your bra’ to keep it looking fresher for longer.

Have we convinced you to break up with your old bra? Then it’s time to find your new partner in crime! Shop our gorgeous lingerie now to find your perfect match.

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