The best bras for your breast shape

You and your friend are the exact same cup size and band measurement. So how come the underwired bralette that looks great on her just doesn’t sit right on you? It’s because boobs are like snowflakes - no two are the same!

Imagine 10 women who are all a 36DD, for example. Some will have wide boobs, some long and narrow. Some will have breasts spaced far apart on the chest, others have a cleavage that’s much closer set. While standard bra sizing works well for some women, with such a huge variability in breast shape and positioning, it’s just not possible for one style to fit all.

Breasts are gloriously 3D and yet we only use two simple measurements - band and cup size - when fitting women for bras. So if you find your 36C breasts don’t neatly fit into that 36C lacy full-cup you’ve got your eye on, it doesn’t mean you’re destined to be uncomfortable forever - you just need to choose a different style.

A bra’s style can have a big impact on how well it fits your own particular breast shape. And, from full-cup to demi, push-up to plunge, there’s such a wide variety on offer here at Pour Moi it’s easy to find one that’s perfect for you.

So if you’ve ever asked yourself, ‘why don’t my boobs fit anything?’, read on. Just identify your breast shape below, and we’ll find you the bra that fits like a glove.

Not sure of your size? Check out our fitting room guide to find out.


What are asymmetric breasts? A lot of things come in matching pairs. Breasts aren’t one of them. Some 99 per cent of us have different-sized breasts, while 40 per cent have one breast that’s one or two cup sizes bigger. Uneven breasts are so common that they aren’t normally a cause for concern, but if yours have suddenly changed in size or shape, it’s worth getting them checked out by your doctor.

How to find the perfect bra for asymmetric breasts: Expert bra-fitters will size you based on your bigger-sized breast. That’s because a gap on the smaller side is easy to hide, while underwire that digs into your breast tissue is painful! Bras with stretch in the cups can help, particularly if your breasts change in size over the month. Or try bras with removable padding. Just take out the cookie (the padded insert) on the bigger side, put both in the smaller side and voila! You’re all even.

We recommend: The Rebel Padded Plunge and Satin Luxe Plunge Padded. They both have removable pads up to a DD+ and look sensational. For a bra with no padding but lots of stretch, try the pretty (and comfortable) Rebel Underwired Plunge bra.


What are athletic breasts? If your boobs are more muscular than soft, and are wider at the base than they are at the top, you’ve got an athletic bust. You may also have a more prominent rib cage, because athletic shapes usually have a large band size and a smaller cup.

How to find the perfect bra for asymmetric breasts: Steer clear of full-cup bras because they’re likely to gape at the top of the cup. A great choice for an athletic breast shape is a padded plunge, push-up or balconette style, because these will lift the volume of the breast from the base, giving you a more rounded, even look.

We recommend: You’ll get all the lift and shape you’re looking for with the Rebel Padded Plunge, Amour Padded Balconette. Or for something a little different, try the Illicit Underwired. The straps are positioned towards the sides, helping to shape the wider breast tissue at the base.


What are bell-shaped breasts? Slimmer at the top, fuller at the bottom, this is a common breast shape. In fact, even rounder boobs may become more bell-shaped over time as the ligaments that hold them up start to stretch. Cheers, gravity!

How to find the perfect bra for bell-shaped breasts: With more volume at the bottom, you’ll want something with firm hold. Full-cup bras with underwire make a great choice, offering comfort, support and that lovely rounded shape. Some moulded or padded bras could see your breast tissue spilling over at the sides, but balconettes and demi styles avoid this problem by lifting the weight of the breast up from the base. For maximum cleavage, try an underwired plunge which will scoop everything up and put it right where you want it.

We recommend: Full-cup underwired bras are a great option for bell-shaped breasts so try the Imogen Rose, Eternal Full Coverage or the St Tropez Full Cup. For more cleavage, the Rebel Plunge has a high cup apex that will really accentuate your shape.

East West

What are east-west breasts? If your breasts are wide-set with a side-ways projection, you’re an east-west girl. This shape has boobs that are positioned towards the sides of your chest with the nipples pointing outwards.

How to find the perfect bra for east-west breasts: A side-support bra is ideal for giving you forward projection and can even stop the dreaded side spillage. For extra comfort, try a T-shirt bra or go for a full-cup option made of stretchy fabric. And if you thought cleavage was an impossible dream, a sexy plunge will change your mind. Not only will it gather everything up, a plunge will gently encourage it towards the middle.

We recommend: The Sofia, Eden and Remix are three pretty side-support bras that are great for bringing everything front and centre.


What are relaxed breasts? Women with soft breasts may find they start to droop a little with age, or if you’ve lost a little weight recently. With the nipple sitting slightly lower, relaxed breasts naturally have a more elongated shape.

How to find the perfect bra for relaxed breasts: Relaxed breasts need lots of support, so focus on finding a well-fitting underband and strong straps to hold you up. For extra perkiness, full-coverage underwired styles will give you a lift.

We recommend: Try the Eternal Full Coverage for all-day comfort, or the Rebel Underwired Plunge when cleavage is required.


What are round breasts? Full and in proportion, round breasts have the same volume of breast tissue at the top and bottom.

How to find the perfect bra for round breasts: Choosing a bra if your breasts are round is a cinch, because you don’t need anything that adds extra shaping. Opt for underwire for support and full-cup styles for extra comfort. You could also try a plunge or balconette style if you really wanted to maximise those assets.

We recommend: The lingerie world is your oyster, so pick the prettiest styles you can find. The Viva Luxe Underwired, St Tropez Full Cup or Madison Underwired would all look great on you.

Side Set

What are side set breasts? Like east-west shapes, side sets also have a wide gap (the width of about three fingers) in the middle, yet they’re typically rounder and fuller, and point forwards instead of out to the sides.

How to find the perfect bra for side set breasts: Finding an underwire that aligns properly with your breasts can be hard work for side sets, so look for balconettes that come with vertical seams. A wide gore (the central panel of separation between the cups) and strong side support panels can also give you a comfortable and flattering fit. A plunge is also a great option to gently push you into a more central position.

We recommend: For lots of lovely side support, try the Eden. Or go for the Rebel Underwired Plunge for your best-ever cleavage.


What are slender breasts? If you’re this breast shape, your boobs are smaller, wider at the top and get narrower towards the bottom.

How to find the perfect bra for slender breasts: It’s important to support slender breasts, so underwired bras are a great option. T-shirt bras with moulded cups will give you a more rounded, fuller look, while balconettes and push-ups will lift and shape like never before.

We recommend: Try the Eden Padded T-shirt Bra for comfort and support, or choose the Amour Padded Balconette to lift and shape from the base. The Logo Padded Underwired Bra has a push-up style for a fuller look.

Still struggling to find your perfect match? Why not try our virtual fit service? Our team of specialists can help you find the bra that fits you perfectly.

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