The Cocktail Report

You know summer has arrived when you’re relaxing in the sun, in your best swimwear, with a cocktail in hand. From mouth-watering martinis to scrummy spritzes, we all have our favorites so with that in mind we tasked ourselves to discover the world’s most popular drinks in every state.

We turned to Google search data to find out what cocktails we’re the most obsessed with by analysing 12 months of data to pinpoint the most searched for cocktail in every state and (nearly) every country.

We’ve also created a bespoke collection of cocktails based on classic summertime flavours – from ice cream to burnt BBQs (yes really!).

The Most Searched For Cocktail In Every State



The Long Island Ice Tea, a potent mixture of vodka, tequila, light rum, triple sec, gin, and a splash of cola, is the most popular cocktail in 13 states including Wyoming, Iowa and Ohio – though interestingly not New York state, where the cocktail famously originates from.

A sweet passionfruit-based cocktail, the Pornstar Martini is the second most searched for cocktail with 11 states Googling it the most. The Italian cocktail of gin, Campari and vermouth follows, with Negronis being the most Googled in nine states including California, Vermont and Colorado.

Top 5 Most Googled Cocktails In America

1.       Long Island Ice Tea – most popular in 13 states

2.       Pornstar Martini – most popular in 11 states

3.       Negroni – most popular in 9 states

4.       Pina Colada – most popular in 8 states

5.       Espresso Martini – most popular in 4 states

The World’s Most Searched For Cocktails

Search map

The cheekily named Pornstar Martini is the most searched for cocktail in the world, with over 18 million searches in a 12-month period. The drink is made up of a passionfruit liquor, passionfruit juice and vanilla vodka, with a chaser shot of prosecco on the side. A relatively modern cocktail, the tasty tipple was created by Douglas Ankrah in London in 2002.

Pina Coladas are the second most popular cocktail to Google, with over 10 million searches around the world a year. The classic cocktail of coconut milk, pineapple juice and rum can be served blended with, or poured over, ice and originated from Puerto Rico.

The distinctive orange cocktail of Aperol Spritz has taken the world by storm in recent years, but Italians have been loving this bubbly and bitter cocktail since 1919. Created by combining Aperol, prosecco and a dash of soda water, the refreshing beverage is officially the third most searched for cocktail in the world.


Top 10 Most Googled Cocktails In The World

      1. Pornstar Martini (over 18.4 million global searches) | Countries who search for Pornstar Martinis the most include India and Israel, followed by the USA, UK, Philippines, South Africa and Pakistan.

     2. Pina Colada (over 10.5 million global searches) | Countries who search for Pina Coladas the most include USA and Mexico, followed by UK, Germany, Brazil, France, Italy, Australia and Russia

     3. Aperol Spritz (over 8.2 million global searches) | Countries who search for Aperol Spritz the most include USA and Germany, followed by the UK, Italy, Poland, Australia, Brazil and Canada.

     4. Sangria (over 7.6 million global searches) | Countries who search for Sangria the most include USA and Italy, followed by Mexico, Japan, UK, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina.

       5. Negroni(over 6.9 million global searches) | Countries who search for Negronis the most include USA and UK, followed by Italy, Brazil, Australia, Germany, Canada, Argentina and Sweden.

      6. Espresso Martini (over 5.5 million global searches) | The UK does more searches for Espresso Martini than any other country, irrespective of population size! Other Countries who search for a lot include the USA, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Canada and Ireland.

       7. Long Island Ice Tea (over 4.4 million global searches) Countries who search for Long Island Ice Tea the most include USA and UK, followed by Australia, Canada, Japan and the Netherlands.

      8. Caipirinha (over 4.3 million global searches) | Countries who search for Caipirinhas the most include Germany, Brazil, USA, France, Italy, UK, Mexico and Portugal.

     9. Daiquiri(over 3.8 million global searches) | Countries who search for Daiquiris the most include USA and UK, followed by Italy, Germany, France, Australia, Russia, Canada and Mexico.

10.   Mojito (over 2.8 million global searches) | Countries who search for Mojitos the most include France, Japan, Belgium, the UK and Australia.


Europe’s Most Searched For Cocktails

Seeing as Aperol Spritz was invented in Europe, it seems only fitting that it’s the most searched for cocktail in the continent. Though notably, it’s Sangria that’s Italy’s most searched for drink rather than its famous orange export.


Europe map


North And Central America’s Most Searched For Cocktails

Pornstar Martinis are the most popular cocktail to Google in North and Central America, topping the searches in countries such as Barbados, Jamaica and Saint Lucia. The USA’s favoured cocktail is a Pina Colada and Canada’s is an Aperol Spritz.


North Am mapCentral map

South America’s Most Searched For Cocktails

In South America the most searched for cocktail is Sangria, a fruity mix of red or white wine, sugar, fruit juice and local and seasonal fruits like peaches, nectarines and apples.


South map

Africa’s Most Searched For Cocktails

In Africa it’s the Pornstar Martini that is capturing the most attention, with 23 countries searching for it the most including Kenya, Zimbabwe and Mauritius.


Africa map

Asia’s Most Searched For Cocktails

The Pornstar Martini tops yet another continent, being the most searched for cocktail in countries such as Sri Lanka, Singapore and India.


Asia map

Oceania’s Most Searched For Cocktails

Whereas the highly caffeinated Espresso Martini tops the tables in Australia and New Zealand, it’s a slightly sweeter martini variation that is the most popular overall. The Pornstar Martini is the most popular cocktail in five countries in Oceania, including Fiji and Tonga.


Oceania Map

Introducing: The Summertime Cocktail Collection

Of course the classic cocktails that appeared in our research are favorites for a reason, however we decided to make our stamp on the cocktail scene by creating some of our own.

To get people excited about the summer season, we’ve worked with Hedonist Drinks to create four unique cocktails that sum up the flavors of summer.



Burnt BBQ Sour

We’ve all taken our eye of the barby at some point, so it’s arguable that a burnt sausage or charred burger could actually be a perfect summary of summertime cuisine. We’ve distilled this distinctive flavor into a cocktail that features mezcal, sugar and apple cider.


  •  Mezcal – 1 oz
  • Lime Juice – 1 oz
  • Muscovado Sugar - 1 tsp
  • Sweet Apple Cider – to top
  • Thyme Sprig to garnish


1.       1. Combine the Mezcal, lime & sugar into a cocktail shaker

2.       2. Fill with ice and shake vigorously until chilled

3.       3. Strain into a chilled glass & top with cider

4.       4. Garnish with a sprig of fresh thyme


Fish chips


Fish & Chips Martini

Nothing screams a coastal holiday more than being sat in your favorite swimsuit, nibbling on fish and chips and dodging the seagulls. Our Fish & Chips Martini is a sophisticated take on the old seaside favorite (without the seagulls), with unique smoked salmon gin, fresh lemon and a pinch of sea salt.


  • Smoke Salmon Infused Gin – 2 oz
  • Dill-Infused Dry Vermouth – 1 oz
  • Sea salt – pinch
  • Lemon zest – teaspoon



1.       1. Combine all ingredients over ice and stir for 20 seconds

2.       2. Strain into the glass, garnish with lemon and enjoy


99 tipsy


Mr Tipsy 99

What could be better than a classic 99 ice cream? An alcoholic 99 ice cream, that’s what! With cream and vanilla vodka, this decadent delight will bring back nostalgic thoughts of summer heatwaves and the distant sound of the ice cream van. 


  • Vanilla Vodka – 2 oz
  • Stroopwaffel Syrup – 2 oz
  • Oat Milk – 3 ½ oz
  • Squirty cream - as much as you want
  •  Chocolate flake to garnish


1.      1. Combine the rest of the drink ingredients into a shaker, fill with ice and  shake vigorously until chilled

2.       2. Strain into a chilled glass

3.       3. Top with squirty cream and chocolate flake for good measure




A Twisted Tipple

A home freezer favorite, this grown-up version of a twisted ice lolly is perfect for kicking back in the garden, bikini on and sun on your skin.


Gin Layer:

  • Lemon Gin – 2 oz
  • Lime Juice – 2 oz
  • Melon Liqueur or Syrup – 1 oz

Rum Layer:

  • Pineapple Rum – 2 oz
  • Pineapple Juice – 3 ½ oz
  • Strawberry syrup to garnish


  1. Combine ingredients of each layer separately into a blender with crushed ice and blend, then place in a chilled vessel ready to pour

2.       2. Layer both blends alternating to create a totally new and unique pattern

3.       3. Drizzle strawberry syrup over the top




Hopefully this has well and truly got you in the mood for a sterling summer – remember to stock up on the latest swimwear styles so you can look your best where ever you’re taking a dip.  



Cocktail Report Methodology

Most searched for global cocktails were calculated using Google Keyword Planner search data from the last 12 months. Data correct as of June 2021.

Please drink responsibly.

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